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24Hour Callout

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Maintenance Contracts

Owning your own home is one of the largest investments most people make in their lifetime. Protecting your investment is crucial, and if this investment is not taken care of properly, it can be a costly experience. A plumbing maintenance contract helps protect your home and will save you money in the long run. Finding and correcting plumbing issues early can prevent costly repairs and potential damage to your home.

Included in a maintenance contract is a yearly plumbing inspection. This inspection is designed to detect potential problems early and provide maintenance for your plumbing system. Routine maintenance can extend the life of your plumbing fixtures and equipment.

Plumbing inspections include the following:


Check for slow drains in kitchen sink, all lavatories, and tub and shower drain.


Inspection of toilet and tank for any leaks and proper flushing action. Check the water measuring device for proper adjustment, as well as the flapper for a proper water seal. The float ball, overflow tube and any linkage will be adjusted if necessary

Water Heaters

Full, comprehensive tune up of your water heater. The purpose is to ensure the system is operating safely and efficiently.


Removal and cleaning aerators of the calcium buildup that can lead to both decreased water pressure and haphazard spray coming out of your faucets. Foreign material often comes through the water source, which clogs the aerator, restricting proper water flow.

Pressure Valves

Check the water pressure on the incoming water line and make any necessary adjustments to exposed regulator. High water pressure could damage your water heater and fixtures, that could cause a pipe to burst in the plumbing system. Water pressure should be between 40 and 65 PSI.

Walk Through Your Home

Our professionals will walk through your home inspecting your plumbing system and tighten any loose faucet handles during the inspection process. You will be shown where your emergency shut-off valve is, just in case of an emergency. We will check under your house for leakage on drains and water lines, and inspect under all toilets, tubs, showers, washing machine and dishwasher locations for leakage.

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